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Ask participants to bring their own drums hand drums such as bongos or even handmade and recycled drums or see if your schools music department has some spares. Campus Relay for Life is a particularly popular club that exists to benefit cancer research, cancer patients, and families touched by cancer. June 23, 2023. You could also partner with another campus organization to do this. A poker tournament doesnt have to involve gambling instead, let the winnings benefit a particular charity or cause. A drum circle is simply a group of people coming together to drum. Set up a night of drinks and hors duvres to be sure your mentors are comfortable with their mentees (and vice versa). So bring in an IT pro to show off the tips and tricks to help new employees prove their worth. When Ashley isnt writing, shes delving into everything astrology, getting wrapped up in a book, or binging 90s sitcoms. Hold a "puppy-kissing" booth where stressed students can pet a dog for $1 to raise money for local animal shelters. Whether connecting people face-to-face or virtually, hosting poetry readings, mariachi lessons, or concerts, youve got a lot on your plate. This will make students eager to buy tickets. Netflix Party. Everybody loves movies, which is even more fun when watched in groups. Invite a prop master from your schools theater department to show students how to craft theatrical props for an upcoming production. Offer Students Campus Bikes and Scooters For instance, clean up a local beach or river, or raise awareness of a topic with a special event where all proceeds go to a cause. Partner with local fitness instructors to host yoga, pilates, or othercreative outdoor eventsin the park. Instead, invite students to bring their tents, sleeping bags, and smores kits to campus for a campout with friends. Be sure to have a variety of desserts for students to choose from. 7. Local cafs can refuel students and soothe their throats after the scream-a-thon. Make sure your. Help current students see the potential that the future holds while they makenetworking connectionsthat could be beneficial after graduation. The open-minded social atmosphere of college campuses offers an incredibly unique environment for event planning. Host a fundraiser with a casino theme including card games, roulette wheels, and slot machines but make sure to comply with local gambling regulations. Social Distancing Festivals. to be sure your event marketing strategy gets an A+. Rap throw-downs can be held virtually anywhere, from a formal theater stage to an informal dormitory dining hall. When youre ready to promote your events, use. Keep your physical and digital class materials organized using a three-ring binder and Google Drive. Race each other in Mario Party or Mario Kart! The past few years have seen the passing of some of popular musics most beloved idols. With a great event idea, some creative promotion posters, strategic way-finding signs, and eye-catching event decor, students will quickly take notice and show up in droves. Choose a theme or activity and watch your registrations fill up. We provide complete solution to organize an event. Schools without an ample A/V supply can host mini-tournaments in each dorm and ask students to bring their own monitors and game systems. Coordinate with your schools film department to include the best of Bollywood cinema. You can also meet your fundraising efforts by setting up shop across campus and selling other tasty grab-and-go snacks. Consult with your director of facilities office about . Swap boring punch for a spiked punch bowl and redeem your old school prom dress and tuxedos. A classic movie night is always a hit with students. So, invite them to be that change. Get social. Channel Coachella and create your ownmusic and arts festival on campus. 100 College Event Ideas for Student Body Participation Host a music concert A free music concert is something most people will enjoy! 19. Posted on Last updated: December 20, 2022. Make it fun for them! Paint nights are always popular, and theyre a great way to get creative. Get inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, or Etsy for the latest crafting trends. Pro tip: UseEventbrite Boost to be sure your event marketing strategy gets an A+. Are you looking to host college events that students will actually want to attend? Ask a professor from the Biology department with knowledge of plant species and biodiversity to lead a tour of local parks and nature trails. Weve all heard of bar crawls, right? , the all-in-one marketing platform designed for event creators. Copyright 2022 Cvent Inc.All rights reserved. Itll be a lot of fun for students. So we cobbled together 25 unique campus recruitment event ideas that are sure to attract not just the best students, but also the best companies to the floor. Tip:Remind attendees to bring their own exercise mats or beach towels, but be sure to make a few extra mats from your campus fitness facilities available to borrow. Partner with local transportation services to hostmuseum eventcrawls, garden crawls, or market crawls. Local businesses can set up tables and sell themed goods. More and more universities are offering online classes to attract students from distant geographic regions. Seamlessly manage and optimize group sales performance across your entire portfolio. Come up with a list of themes and some basic ground rules on length and subject matter. Whether youre an event planner, a professor or faculty member, or anyone else involved in collegiate affairs, these 14 simple yet effective college event ideas are just what you need to boost attendance and engagement. Students looking for their first job, a summer internship, or a part-time gig can bring their resumes and do a series of quick interviews. Live Streamed Concerts. Encourage students to meet and create their own teams. 4. Which two countries share the longest border? Debate tournaments are always a lot of fun, and theyre perfect for students who love to argue. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Let student musicians show off their best guitar licks and drum solos in an auditorium, amphitheater classroom, or outdoor space where guests can sit and watch. Set it on campus, where the alums might enjoy seeing old sites, or make it a workplace visit or tour for a hands-on experience. If your campus has a fall festival, take advantage of it! Alternatively, impress the history department with out-of-fashion historical games like three-card brag or organize a round of the classic French. Paint a mural is always a lot of fun, and its perfect for students who want to get creative. Be sure to provide all of the supplies students will need. We follow the high principles . Teach students about personal finance and how to budget their money. And in honor of its release, we're rounding up some of our favorite Hogwarts-inspired decor and DIYs to plan the most magical wizarding party at home, complete with homemade wands, fantastical treats and . Remember! The great thing about a rap battle is how little equipment is needed bring a beatbox and a microphone and youre practically set! A campfire is probably ill-advised, so try a portable electric cooker instead. Or, create your own maneuvers and offensives in battles between fantastical creatures such as orcs and dwarves. Host tournaments for classic and online gamers. Ring in the new year with a bang by throwing a party on campus! Its possible to hold them over a wide, though not necessarily connected, area. Manystudents struggle with food insecurity and would greatly benefit from access to healthy, affordable ingredients. Comedians regularly include colleges on their tour stops, so it could be worth reaching out to a famous name to check availability. Search for jobs related to Event ideas for college organizations or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 22m+ jobs. Be sure to encourage attendees to come in costume. The size of your event may determine your answers. 16 College Fundraising Ideas: Great Step-By-Step Guide. 3. But youd be amazed at what you can whip up on a hot plate. Teach students how to do their taxes. Creative alumni event ideas like this will provide laughs for players and non-players alike, and some of the revenue can be set aside as a scholarship fund or whatnot. Since pets are often forbidden in dorms or apartments, invite a local pet adoption organization to bring dogs, cats, and other critters to campus. Youll want to contact your schools facilities department about availability. Scavenger hunts are always a lot of fun, and theyre perfect for a day or night out. Whether your school is a residential or commuter campus, events play a crucial role in college life. Sure, academics should take precedence, but everyone loves to hang out and socialize with their peers. Even more, participating in civic engagement activities can help you advocate for your community and make it a better place to live. 3. Coordinate with the Red Cross, a local hospital, or your university hospital to provide the necessary phlebotomists and equipment. If you have room, dedicate a spot on campus to a community garden where students can learn how to grow farm-fresh foods first-hand. When starting out in a career, you want to get to know as many people as possible who share your interests, passions, and responsibilities. Shooting and editing short films has never been easier. Any working professional will likely tell you that success depends more on who you know than what you know. Host local tours to familiarize students with their surroundings. Fun fact: Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island and Dr. You could either provide the supplies or have students bring their own. Even something as simple as petting a dog or cat is associated with lowered blood pressure and increased relaxation. You can't do everything yourself, and the student activities board has limited resources. Consider marketing to individual departments, clubs, and organizations related to your event. Throw a graduation party for all of the students who will be graduating. The house always wins, after all. Raise money for a good cause and encourage health and fitness with a series of donation-based exercise classes. Schools should ensure that their digital connectivity is up to par by automating student communication, creating online hubs for assistance, and promoting social media use. A food truck rally is always a lot of fun, and its perfect for students who love to eat. Everyones heard of a chili cook-off or a British bake-off, right? Car smashes are always a lot of fun, and theyre perfect for students who love to destroy things. Christmas is the perfect time for a party, so why not have one on campus? Contact local businesses to sell tasty treats or invite energy drink vendors to get the party started. x = independently organized TED event. You get a book debate a fresh spin on the ever-popular book club concept. You could either go to a local bowling alley or have a bowling tournament. Tip:Depending on the accessibility to nature where your campus is located, you may even be able to offer native plants tours as reoccurring programming! Pick a day to showcase entries in a theater setting, complete with snacks and awards, and sell tickets via Eventbritesfilm event ticketing software. Pizza parties are always a lot of fun, and they provide a great opportunity for students to socialize and take a break from the dining hall food. But make sure your cooking classes have an enticing theme and plan easy, cheap, and college-student-friendly dishes. An easter egg hunt is perfect for the spring semester once it starts to get warm out. STEP ONE: Assemble Your Committee. Ice-breaker games can be a bit trite. This could involve organizing a charity walk or run, or it could involve organizing a . Be sure to have a choreographed routine or let students come up with their own. Swords and sorcery not your thing? Set up a recording booth with a campus-branded media backdrop, film students as they recount their funny stories, and publish the Buzzfeed-style video online as a way to keep the event and the on-campus resources it highlights circulating on social media. Be sure to have a variety of food options for students to choose from. But customizing the experience adds a special touch, so use our FindSpark Fashion Conference run-of-show for inspo, so you can hit the ground running, and be sure to tag appropriate . Mac-and-brie-en-croute, anyone? Below are a few engaging social event ideas for clubs and students. Promote your event in your schools media or film department and set up a screening room on campus. knowledge, and an ever-popular way for students to spend the evening. We would like to introduce our company LIMRA EVENTS that has been in business of Event Planning since 2010 but come into existence from 2010.<br>We are one of the well-known management organizations . Student life can be incredibly stressful. Althea obtained two degrees in Visual Communication Design and Race . Performing artists love to gain college fans, and college rock (think R.E.M. You can even invite students to draw their own and share! A picnic is always a great way to spend a day, and its perfect for students who love to eat outside. Invite philosophers, activists, lecturers, writers, entrepreneurs, and other exciting speakers to visit campus and share their life advice. Create groups and promote events on Facebook, create catchy hashtags andfun photo opportunities for students to snap and post online. 1. Provide the supplies, background music, instructions, and refreshments, and let crafty students get to work on building something that will make their dorm feel like a home. Invite popular indie rock bands and hip-hop artists, and coordinate with the university art department about showcasing student works. Learn how to work with clay and make beautiful pottery. Pitch your idea or Request a donation from us. Be sure to have a variety of games for students to choose from. Reach out to local farms and vendors to organize a campus farmers market. Or, get a couple of ice cream makers and make your own customized concoction. Attending a university often instills loyalty that can inspire successful alums to share what they know with the younger generation. Museums are always a great place to learn about different subjects, and students will love the chance to explore them. They usually focus on imagination and mental abilities, which should be just the thing for a campus full of budding scholars. The Chinese new year begins on the first moon between January 21st and February 20th, and its one of the premier holidays in Chinese culture. Include displays of falconry or blacksmithing to set the mood. Another great way to get people excited about sharing at the event is to interview individual students about the hilariously false misconceptions they had about sex when they were younger. Broadway Plays. Promote prizes, online recognition, and some serious bragging rights. These games are great because theyre entirely adaptable to the size of your party. Host a workshop where students can make their own dorm room decor think plant hangers, terrariums, or recycled frames for their art. Create a mentorship program that connects students with others who have faced and overcome similar challenges or experiences. Millennials love expressing their values online, but 80% of them feel its, essential for people to come together in person. Meditation classes are a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. For more ways to make your on-campus event stand out andimprove student engagement, check out these fun event ideas for college students. Students who enjoy the outdoors, botany, or conservation will appreciate horticulture tours that showcase the unique biology of their college town. Comedy nights are always a lot of fun, and theyre perfect for students who love to laugh. Remember, always encourage businesses, event planners, and students to post about the events on social media. Celebrity guests are always a popular draw, and theyre the perfect way to get students excited about an event. Unfortunately, many high schools dont prepare students with valuable life skills like budgeting, cooking, basic home repair, or filing taxes. If you want to get more creative, consider hosting a Campus Scream right in the middle of final exams when tensions are highest. Refer to our Privacy Policy or contact us at privacy@cvent.com for more details. Millennials and members of Gen Z feel strong connections to political awareness, community engagement, environmentalism, social justice, activism, and impactful change. In addition, the array of fresh produce encourages healthy eating habits and community engagement. So, fun events for college students that emphasize social life will attract interest. Lastly, a festival isnt complete without eats. Hosting a big Halloween event on campus is a really exciting activity for students and student organizations to connect with new folks and create wonderful memories! As a result, students are often excited to see new works and learn about different traditions. Most campuses have your run-of-the-mill sports teams: basketball, baseball, soccer, football, etc. Invite area critics and choose a panel of judges to pick the winner. Cheer teams, dance squads, and pageant contestants are some of the first that comes to mind, but it is also a great idea for women's shelters. Survey students to connect with them and discover what they care about most. 2) Locally owned, independent retail stores or restaurants (rather than chains) are often more willing to donate gift cards. After a countdown, encourage students to scream as loud as they can and release their stress together. Play a game of Clue on campus and see who can solve the mystery firstwhich may be a great idea to include faculty members as characters! Provide students with mobile-friendly content andpromote events on social media. Or invite graduate students from your universitys art, history, or architectural department to lead the tour for a stronger connection with your student participants. Dodgeball tournaments are always a lot of fun. Tip:Consider giving attendees a recipe book and dorm-cooking starter kit as a party-favor! The first group to complete the list wins. Google Art and Culture. While outdoor games and events are great for getting students out of their rooms and off their screens, we know the weather doesnt always cooperate. Tip:Section off a part of the hall where students can talk amongst themselves and only half-watch the movie. Students spend all day in lecture halls and seminars, so educational events encouraging participation will be more impactful. Comedians regularly include colleges on their tour stops, so it could be worth reaching out to a famous name to check availability. SAMPLE This article will provide you with fun virtual event ideas for college kids. By organizing concerts, you can raise funds by: Charging a fee for participation Raising funds through ticketing Selling merchandise In the current scenario of a pandemic, such events can be a health hazard. Take a group to the trampoline park for a day of bouncing around. Give teams 24 or 48 hours to complete a movie based on a theme or genre. Or, for older students, try a. where guests bring their favorite libations for an evening of watercolors, easels, and drinks. Board game nights are always popular, and theyre the perfect way to spend a night in. A poetry slam puts spoken word performance front and center. Eventbrite Boost makes it easy to reach new people, engage your fans and followers, and grow your attendance directly from your Eventbrite account. A music festival might center the main stage in a field. Well, not all crawls have to be alcohol-related! You might also include wraps, burritos, and gyros quick, flavorful meals that require only a few ingredients. Sell coffee for $1 in the libraries during finals and donate the money to a scholarship fund to help more students attend college. Good luck! This is a great way to raise money and show support for your college. Paint and sip event: Organize a paint and sip party for college students to try their hand at getting crafty. Connect film, theater, art, design, and other departments by sponsoring a student film competition. Teach students how to cook their favorite dishes. Invite special guests like business-savvy alumni and scouts from venture capitalist firms to bring banners, booths, and hiring and funding literature. Science fairs are a throwback to elementary school. *Eventbrite data 5/1/2022 12/1/2022 comparing events promoted with Eventbrite Boost with any event that was not promoted with the same tool. What is hard is creating one that will be able to compete with everything else that is going on around campus. 2. Bengaluru, Karnataka. Whether you project the entireLord of the Ringstrilogy, everyHarry Pottermovie, or a season ofGame of Thrones, just make sure there is enough footage to run all night. Chinese New Year typically culminates in a lantern festival, with candles and lanterns lighting up homes and gardens or in this case, campus spaces. Students will love trying to solve the mystery. This may especially helpful to senior students who are about to graduate. But to draw interest, youll need to look beyond formal talks and job fairs. Host a charity auction and have students bid on various items. Head out as a group to a local parlor for sundaes, banana splits, or a simple scoop of rocky road. Karaoke nights are always a lot of fun, and they provide a great opportunity for students to show off their singing skills even if its a hidden talent. Take a group to the ice rink for a day of skating. Below are some examples of online programs your organization could host. Its a valuable life skill many students arent prepared for once they graduate! Think. Role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons have entertained fantasy fans since the 1970s. Language clubs are a perfect fit for an online event. Amusement parks are always a lot of fun, and students will love the chance to get out and have some fun. Team up with an off-campus organization to promote and orchestrate a meaningful community event. to promote positive change. The opportunities are endless! Create a membership committee to focus on new ways to bring in members. 14 College Event Ideas Students Will Actually Attend, classes that will teach them applicable skills, study from the American College Health Association, Create groups and promote events on Facebook, four tips to help university event planners succeed, The Complete Guide to Early Bird Registration for Events, Before, During, and After: The Complete Guide to Event Engagement . Board game cafes are becoming increasingly popular, and students will love the chance to spend a night in playing their favorite games. Depending on whether or not your college has the right hardware available, you can either supply the computers, network cards, and headsets yourself, or specify that the game night is BYO-gear. Let each other see who can out-spell the competition. Bring together a group of successful and innovative women to discuss embracing equity in all . The goals can be anything: taking a photo at a campus landmark, for example, or finding a specific treasure in a particular location. Pet therapy is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. Don't miss an opportunity to bring attention to your event and hype up your college. With the user-friendly digital tools at our disposal today, anyone can make a short movie. For instance, clean up a local beach or river, or raise awareness of a topic with a special event where all proceeds go to a cause. Free Event Management Software for Planners and Properties. Include pumpkin carving contests, hay rides, corn mazes, and costume contests. Collaborative event sales software that increases qualified leads and drives direct revenue. Screen the films at a local theater or on campus. Grab a camera, mic and recorder, and your favorite walking shoes! Food drives are always important, and theyre a great way to get students involved. Consider running a voter registration drive in your local area. If you want to take your event online, consider creative activities like a student-led online workshop or a virtual open mic night. Connect with the agriculture department to teach tour attendees about endangered species in the area and local environmental conservation organizations they can work with. String all the origami together the colorful garland can then be displayed somewhere on campus, or donated to the organization for which the funds were raised! Spirit week is always a lot of fun, and its perfect for students who love to dress up. As far as event ideas for college students go, the open-mic is a tried and true classic that never fails to please. Walk a thon to raise money for a good cause. Sleepover Movie Marathon Be sure to have lots of food and drinks for students to enjoy. 6. Devotees attest to the therapeutic effects of drum circles, which are said to instill feelings of warmth and community. Be sure to advertise well in advance so everyone knows about it. , but without the multi-million-dollar broadcast network budget. Tour local gardens, pinpoint hiking opportunities, and point out the local flora and fauna. Start hanging posters, planting signs, and flying banners! A recent study from the American College Health Association found that 95% of college students dont eat the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables. You could either have them as a standalone event or add it to another event. Students will love the chance to do yoga while surrounded by adorable goats. You could have a variety of music genres or stick to one type. Cooking lessons are perfect for students who love to cook. Team up with an off-campus organization to promote and orchestrate a meaningful community event. Whenever a music legend passes, give students a chance to mourn the artist they love and show off their own musical talent by hosting an open-mic night and memorial concert in their name. Just be sure students stick around afterward to help clean up! Youll find role-playing games set in the world of international spies, a post-nuclear holocaust, and a city full of superheroes, too! Ask students to create something extraordinary and plan a fun event that focuses on film. To give it a personal touch you could play short films made by other students. Check out these 100 college event ideas that are perfect for any campus! With a campus-wide clothing swap, students can clear their dorm rooms of gently used and unworn clothing and maybe even find their new favorite t-shirt. Send a guide further along and let students follow one at a time to navigate a short, flat distance alone. Focus the question on significant works and authors, or discuss childrens books or cookbooks for a more lighthearted event. Just be sure students stick around afterward to help clean up! Exercise can be a great mental health booster also. Put down the electronics and get back to basics with an ancient games tournament. Facilitate a net positive for both campuses and surrounding communities by fostering an online environment where like-minded students can plan fundraisers, soup kitchen outings, and more. Thank you for supporting this resource. Tip:With this many devices in one room, it may be advisable to ensure that the computers are equipped with virus protection and that every outlet has surge protectors! Great for the fall time, organize a trip to the pumpkin patch. Have art students sell their pieces to students for cheap dorm dcor and donate the money to . Games designed for indoor events are the perfect solution. Pajama parties are always a lot of fun, and theyre the perfect way to spend a night in. 7. Speak to your universitys facilities department about using a field or similar outdoor area. Regular entertainment programming on college campuses can give students who arent party animals new opportunities to relax and socialize. Laser tag is always a blast, and students will love the chance to compete against each other. Help new students break the ice, get to know their peers, and get settled into campus with these events and activities: College students are infamous for their ability to survive the school year on a diet consisting of little more than ramen noodles and Red Bull. Participants bring clothes to trade with each other as they try out new looks. During orientation week, offer cooking classes that show students how to make healthy(ish) meals with minimal equipment and inexpensive ingredients. 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